Domani Management

Launching our innovative, elite and chic company , Domani Management, commits to provide our clients with creative ideas and strive on excellence.

The company operates five primary division: the namesake banner, Domani Spa, Domani Talent, Domani Pageant, Centertainment News and Centertainment Productions.

Our primary divisions is comprised of hot new talent from agents, photographers, skin care agents, make-up artists and stylist to directors, producers, musicians, voice over and actors/tress who all have the experience, ambition and eagerness to build this ambiance of experience to a whole new level.

Our main goal is to build a successful and respectable company, both locally and internationally. When asked on what to expect from Domani in the near future, Chris Cormier, CEO of Domani Management replied...

"Fresh new style, mind blowing ideas and very importantly a new attitude."

Domani Management will also be hosting a series of unique fashion events, look out for this hot new “Domani” bringing the face of tomorrow today!

"Over centuries cultures have believed that when you are created as a being your social future is predetermined by your parental DNA. We enjoy constructing a future of our own with the elements that drive the masses; Domani provides the following products to its clients: Recruiting, Training, Development and Promoting (both nationally and internationally).

Domani provides the highest level of professionalism and we offer our clients a wide range of unique looks for the current marketplace and.... the new faces of the future.

We are Domani Management

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Noticed